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Visibility Into Performance Indicators Leads Strategy in Expansion of Insurance Franchise

Intuitive Software Interface Empowers Branch Managers With Budget Ownership

For franchisees utilising Adaptive Discovery, they'll have a more cohesive platform with which to understand their business. They are currently being bombarded with all kinds of reporting … bringing it into an arena where they can understand what all this information means has been a struggle. We think Adaptive Discovery is really going to allow them to gain that understanding.

Tim Lash, Director of Business Analytics, Brightway Insurance

  • As a fast-growing franchise, Brightway Insurance desired insight into key performance indicators that spur growth. Navigating the challenges in each market required a dynamic financial performance solution. The intuitive Workday Adaptive Planning platform paves a path for each Brightway Insurance office to maximise business and also consolidate financial data into a corporate-level report. Confident in Adaptive Planning software as a single source of truth, Brightway Insurance continues to rev up its analytic capabilities and grow its franchise.


    • No structured budgeting process
    • Lacked understanding of expense drivers
    • Spreadsheets and separate documents created silos of data


    • Empowered franchisees with visual dashboards of KPIs to set and track financial goals
    • Entered new markets advantageously with metrics on buyer profiles, price points, and leading insurance carriers
    • Established five-year rolling revenue to understand outcomes of longer-term business strategies
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    Brightway Insurance is the seventh largest privately held, personal lines independent insurance agency in the United States. The company began franchising operations in 2008 and operates more than 115 franchise locations in 10 states. In 2015, the company was recognised as America’s No. 1 Franchise to Buy by Forbes.

    Jacksonville, FL

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A Clearer Path for Entering New Markets

With Brightway on an ambitious trajectory to expand to every state in the U.S., company leaders continually grapple with the challenges associated with entering new insurance markets. They need a clear understanding of budgets and expenses to model scenarios that drive decision-making regarding where to deploy capital and what programmes and tools to introduce to foster success with franchise partners. Until recently these were difficult responsibilities to fulfil.

In the past, Brightway didn’t have an aligned  planning and budgeting  process, and this lack of structure made it problematic to achieve an overall understanding of all the expense and revenue drivers—and nearly impossible to accurately predict where costs would go in the future. Further, franchisees were inundated with financial reporting distributed as PDFs or spreadsheets, so it wasn’t easy to zero in on the metrics that really mattered in decision-making.

"We needed a partner to help us standardise our metrics and KPIs into our planning frameworks that would improve collaboration across the business," says the director of business and anlytics at Brightway. "Workday Adaptive Planning turned out to be that partner and they truly made it a collaborative journey. With their support, we had a successful implementation, and we ended up with a platform that we can count on for years to come."

As Brightway enters new markets, metrics to understand buyer profiles, price points, and the leading insurance carriers in those markets are key components to finding the right partners with which to work. "The more we can do around understanding individual markets and the pricing from carriers will help us understand our revenue," says the director of business . and analytics. "We can then engage franchise partners and set them up with a realistic revenue expectation for their business in the first few years."

Meeting Needs Today and Tomorrow

Today, Brightway department managers and more than one hundred franchise owners create detailed budgets, along with coordinated expense and revenue goals, that roll up to the corporate level. Results and variances are tracked as actuals flow into the system. The finance team and CFO also created a five-year revenue plan that will develop into a five-year rolling forecast to establish long-range planning that is always current. All of these metrics help the management team perform profitability testing using different scenario assumptions to understand the possible outcomes of longer-term business strategies.

Looking to the future, as Brightway grows and adds more offices, company decision-makers want an accurate picture of how the growth will impact customer service staffing in the home office and what the expense profile will look like.

"Visualising our business drivers in Workday Adaptive Planning is critical to revealing how our franchisees and business operations as a whole are performing. It’s really easy to use. Having this resource in place has been truly transformative in how we manage our corporate environment," says the director of business and analytics. "The implementation of Workday Adaptive Planning has been superior to almost every other cloud implementation we’ve been through. Our experience with Workday Adaptive Planning has been phenomenal."

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