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Global Container Terminals Makes Waves Enabling Strategic Finance

Enhances Decision-Making with Real-Time Insights and Automated Reporting

Our presentations for the board of directors, senior management, and executive teams are all produced with a click of a button. And that’s been a significant start of a transformational change in moving toward the direction of strategic finance.

Sid Hathiramani, Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis, Global Container Terminals

  • Global Container Terminals Inc. (GCT) has container terminals located on both North American coasts and has been a leader in the marine transportation industry for more than 100 years, transporting goods from ocean carriers to trucks or rail networks. With the introduction of ever-bigger ships, container ports today need to efficiently handle an increasing volume of containers. To meet this capacity challenge and improve competitiveness, GCT is improving and accelerating its financial planning and analysis processes to provide senior decision-makers with critical information to achieve strategic financial insights. Now with the Adaptive Suite, GCT has reduced its budget and forecast cycle significantly. A new income statement forecasting model makes it easy to do ad-hoc analysis on real-time data to accurately forecast revenues and costs. In addition, automating reporting with OfficeConnect means that with a click of a button, reports summarizing key performance drivers, including labor rates, revenue rates, and labor efficiency, can provide company leaders with the data they need to readily understand business performance and make strategic decisions for growth.       



    • Difficulty preparing accurate budgets or forecasts due to disjointed and decentralized planning processes     
    • Time-consuming manual reporting processes
    • Inability to devote time to strategic analysis to better understand business performance


    • Streamlined budget and forecasting cycles
    • Easily access accurate real-time information to do strategic analysis
    • Automated reporting quickly provides senior decision-makers with data on key performance indicators of  the business
  • About:

    Global Container Terminals Inc. (GCT) is a privately held company that operates four state-of-the-art shipping container terminals strategically located on the North American East and West coasts. Serving the top 20 container carriers in the world, GCT transports import and export containers from ships onto rail and trucking networks to make sure goods get where they need to go as efficiently as possible.

    Vancouver, British Columbia