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  • Ventura Bus Lines (Ventura) is the largest privately owned bus company in Australia and has offered reliable bus services across Melbourne since 1924. Recently, the company has grown through acquisitions, and to stay on the right road to success it needed to simplify financial planning and analysis processes across all its entities. Now, with Adaptive Planning in the driver’s seat, Ventura has streamlined budgeting and instituted continuous forecasting. Operating leaders can make forecast changes on-the-fly and immediately see the impact on the bottom line. Reporting is also a breeze with Adaptive OfficeConnect. Monthly board reports are instantly populated with real-time data, and take minutes—instead of days—to generate. Because it’s fast and easy to get accurate data, drill down, and run reports, Ventura’s finance team can devote much more time to strategic analysis and provide managers with the data they need to identify weaknesses and pinpoint strengths in the business.


    • Improving complex budgeting and planning processes
    • Maintaining data integrity for monthly
    • Limited forecasting capabilities


    • Simplified budgeting and planning
    • Continuous forecasting and modeling what-if analysis informs decision-making with confidence
    • Automated reporting with one source of accurate real-time data provides more time to strategic analysis
  • About:

    Ventura Bus Lines is the largest privately owned bus company in Australia and has been providing dependable, friendly and sustainable bus services since 1924. With over 1,500 employees, every year Ventura carries more than 30 million passengers across Melbourne.

    Melbourne, Australia

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