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Financial Reporting Utopia for Nonprofit Organisations

Screenshot for Financial Reporting Utopia for Nonprofit Organisations

Being the beginning of the year, now is a great time for you to look around and assess what reporting processes are working and not working for your nonprofit organisation. Applying these observations can help you alleviate pain points, negotiate pitfalls, and be better prepared for your next monthly reporting cycle.

Improve your FP&A reporting processes and set yourself up for a success. Join Kevin Hsieh, Budget Officer of Open Society Foundation as he shares his insights on how to:

  • Automate the Microsoft Office reports you already know and use
  • Empower users beyond finance, including remote workers with limited infrastructure, with intuitive self-service reporting
  • Easily stay current on all the details of your funds utilisation, programme expenses, and budgets
  • Free up your teams to be able to focus more time and energy on achieving your organisation’s mission

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