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How SaaS Companies Build the 2018 Plan

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Outgrowing ‘send around the excel template’ for your 2018 budget? Don’t make the same mistakes this year and set yourself up for 12 months of “Ctrl+C” and “Ctrl+V” to piece together your board packs and management reports. See why it’s time to systematise your planning and reporting process so you can help your company scale.

Join FP&A professionals from Innovative Interfaces, SecurityScorecard and Adaptive Insights as they show and discuss how to:

  • Build integrated financial and operational models for headcount, quotas, retention, bookings and cash flow
  • Collaborate effectively with business owners to enable them to participate in the planning process and own their budgets
  • Automate production of management and board packs so you can help business owners tell a story about variance, trends, and what to do about it

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