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Telling the Story Behind the Numbers

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As a finance professional, your job is to convey the financial state of the business. But more than that, you need to be able to see past the data and tell the story behind the numbers.

Unfortunately, when bandwidth is being drained by the need to manually consolidate data from multiple sources, there is little time left for the deep analysis needed to deliver compelling narratives through reports.

Join this webinar as we share techniques to:

  • Clearly illustrate current performance, future trends, and possible scenarios through intuitive dashboards and data visualisation;
  • Save time generating reports and focus on building the strategic narrative your board expects;
  • Eliminate inefficient and time-consuming manual processes so you can spend your time analysing the numbers;
  • Harness cloud technology to bridge the gap between spreadsheets and the analytics that inform and underpin a persuasive story.

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