Management and Ad Hoc Reporting

Access Easy-to-Use Management, Financial, and Sales Reporting Software—All in the Cloud

Use data to make an impact on performance

Reporting is critical for successful business planning. Empower teams across your organisation to better understand your business performance with powerful, self-service reports. Access ad-hoc and formatted reporting on scenarios, actuals, metrics, and other data with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface that never requires script writing of any kind. We make it easy to create, maintain, and share operational and financial KPIs and insights.

End-to-end reporting, all self-service

Create personalised, ad-hoc reports in a snap. Intuitive drag-and-drop web reporting puts you in control with interactive, slice-and-dice reporting across dimensions and metrics. Instantly generate, distribute, and review up-to-the-minute management reports, and share detailed insights with your team.

Financial reporting and analysis has never been easier.

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Built-in financial and sales intelligence

Our reporting solutions have financial and sales intelligence built into their core. Monitor and report on variances, pivot dimensions, or select parameters. Create and store “point-in-time” snapshot reports, and even add annotations that enable collaboration. Organise report lists in folders for instant access to the most recent analyses. Output to any format, including HTML, PDF, and Excel.

Drill down into the details with ease

Get instant transparency into transaction details. Whether you're drilling down into a report or a planning sheet, you can create transactional reports with just one click. Get the level of detail you want, with the right context and the fields you need.

We’ve saved huge amounts of time across a range of functions because we no longer have to manually transfer data and manipulate it in order to create reports.

Tyler Tracy, Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis, Quidel

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Enjoy management and financial reports that take minutes, not hours (or days). Imagine all that you could get done.

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