Workday Adaptive Planning pricing and licensing

Planning software subscription pricing that lets everybody plan

At Workday Adaptive Planning, we offer packages that reflect the unique needs of your business. When it comes to planning software pricing, we take into account the following three variables:

  • Package and features
  • Company size
  • Seat types

Workday Adaptive Planning platform
Planning and reporting for finance, workforce, sales, and operations

Planning and analytics
Robust planning, modelling, and analytics capabilities for companies of all sizes.
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Planning and analytics for enterprise
The all-inclusive package that offers full planning and analytics capabilities for the enterprise.
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Planning & Analytics
Planning & Analytics
for Enterprise
Web-based Reporting
Excel Interface for Planning
ML-based Anomaly Detection
Process Management
Open APIs
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Versions
Manual Data Import / Export Integration
Unlimited Systems Automated Integration
Additional Operational Planning Domains
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Flexible pricing that grows with you
Whether you’re a large multinational enterprise or a small nonprofit or startup, we have pricing and packaging options that will work for your organisation.
A quick guide to license types
Think of seats as members of a sports team—each license type plays an important role in your planning processes.
Full seat
Full seat: These are the admins or "coaches"—creating and executing plans and continuously improving game play to generate more wins.
  • Build and share models and scenarios
  • Enter and save data on planning sheets, including budgets and forecasts
  • Create, view, and share web-based reports
Contributor seat
Contributor seat: These are the contributors or "players"—on the field watching the coach and executing the plays—all while adapting and staying agile in the face of rapidly changing circumstances.
  • Enter and save data on planning sheets, including budgets and forecasts
  • Create, view, and share web-based reports
  • Participate fully in workflow and process management
View seat
View seat: These are the consumers of the data or "spectators"—participating, analysing, and observing, and occasionally offering insights and opinions from the stands:
  • View planning sheets and reports
  • View dashboards and visual analytics
  • Drill down into reports and use cell explorer
Need to integrate with multiple systems?
We’ve got you covered

Workday Adaptive Planning easily connects to ERP, HCM, CRM, and other data sources for fast, reliable, and accurate enterprise planning. Pricing is based on the type and number of systems requiring integration, as well as the size of the organisation.*

*Unlimited integrations are included in pricing for mid-to-large-sized enterprises.

In less than ten months, we saw a 144% return on our Workday Adaptive Planning investment.

Martin Hogan
VP Strategy and Corporate Development

Do you use Workday?

In addition to the per-seat pricing we offer for planning-only customers, we also provide a pricing structure for Workday customers that aligns with your Workday HCM and Workday Financial Management pricing.

Contact one of our Workday sales reps for your own custom quote and learn how Workday Adaptive Planning and Workday combine to deliver a solution that’s best in class, better in suite.

For more specific information about pricing, or for an implementation services quote, please contact us.

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