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Retail sales forecasting & financial planning

We’ve designed Workday Adaptive Planning to address the complex and unique needs of retailers. Give store managers sophisticated yet intuitive planning capabilities. Plan and analyse headcount needs at both the corporate and store level. Model the impact of new stores. Best of all, Workday Adaptive Planning gives you real-time insight into sales and operational performance so you can make better and faster decisions.

In a challenging operating environment, the ability to have real-time visibility into our results, analyse what the numbers mean, and make adjustments to manage cash flow, inventory, and staffing at a store level has been a tremendous advantage for Papyrus.

Tom Shaw, CFO, Papyrus

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Extend powerful planning capabilities from corporate to stores

With Workday Adaptive Planning, you can extend a powerful yet intuitive retail planning solution to store managers so they can analyse key trends affecting customer growth and spend, such as revenue by product SKU, gross margin, promotions, and new store ROI. At corporate, consolidate store plans to conduct longer-term, driver-based demand planning.

Develop flexible plans for complex staffing needs

Our cloud-based solution lets you plan headcount at both the corporate and store level. Model personnel levels in a variety of ways, such as by job title or by name, and include fixed headcount and FTEs whose schedules vary based on key drivers like sales or store count.

Analyse real-time KPIs and operational performance

Our intuitive dashboards and scorecards give you real-time visibility into ongoing operational and financial performance so that you can make more accurate and timely decisions. Monitor key metrics such as inventory, payroll, retail store performance, and promotional spend. Workday Adaptive Planning helps you more carefully manage your cash position and understand key trends affecting revenue results so that you can take action quickly.

Create detailed what-if scenarios for new store openings

Growth through acquisition and new store development is critical for retailers. Conduct what-if analysis by modelling new store plans and ramp-ups using store type, location, product mix, and seasonality assumptions. Quickly see outcomes on fully loaded P&L statements and cash flow.

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